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The rate at which accidents are occurring on our roads has assumed an alarming proportion and needs to be addressed.

Road accidents are not only caused by the poor nature of roads and the bad state of vehicles but also human errors which form a major contributing factor to this menace. It is therefore imperative not to concentrate efforts as a nation only on maintaining the roads and vehicles but also give quality, state of the art, and standard training to drivers.

In most parts of Ghana, standard and modern institutions or driving schools which are needed to provide quality professional training to driver trainees are either absent or poorly equipped. This has brought about the birth of KED DRIVING ACADEMY. This is not only a driving school but state of the art training academy with modernized facilities such as driving simulators which enable driver trainees to gain certain level of confidence and expertise before venturing on the road which greatly eliminates driver-trainee accidents.

Furthermore, to be able to drive safely requires good knowledge about driving, good attitudes towards driving and unquestionable skills in driving. Thus, becoming a safe driver by developing the sense of responsibility, concentration, anticipation, patience, confidence and the required skills will depend very much on getting good and the right instruction and guidance from the start from the best institutions of driving.

In all these, a planned approach is essential when teaching someone to drive. Ideally, each driving lesson should be planned to suit the person’s state of mind and development. There is no short cut to become a good driver either in time or money.

Undoubtedly, the best way to learn to drive properly and safely is to have a good professional tuition or training. At the moment in the HO and Accra-Adenta-Frafraha municipalities and for that matter in the whole of the Volta Region, the right and best choice is KED DRIVING ACADEMY. You will never regret enrolling here. Save money, save time, save life. Decide wisely.

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