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  • To provide first class and high quality driver education and training of international standard and recognition.

  • To provide a type of driver education and training that enables the individual to acquire the skills of defensive driving.

  • To offer quality and state of the art standard driver training at an affordable and reasonable cost.

  • To provide a driver education and training that will inculcate in the individual all the attributes and attitudes of a good and defensive driver.

Services Provided

  • Driver training

  • Transport services

  • Driver mentoring

Course Content

Facilities Available At KED

  • Course Content

  • The main topics to be studied are as follows:-

  • Driving Knowledge

  • Defensive Driving

  • Road Signs And Markings

  • Highway Code

  • Road Traffic Regulations

  • Vehicle Instrumentation Systems

  • Basic Auto Technology/Mechanics.

  • Simulator driving

  • Well equipped and roomy lecture hall.

  • A well stocked library with relevant books.

  • Functional modern computers and a projector to ease learning.

  • Well maintained vehicles.

  • Licensed DVLA instructors.

  • Fully air-conditioned, learner friendly and motivated learning environment.

  • Hostel facilities at moderate fees.

  • Result oriented and good management.

  • Top of the class driving Simulators.

Fees are subject to change when fuel prices go up

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